Mental health is such a daunting phrase? Why are we so anxious to speak about our mental health? It’s like another other illness isn’t it? I have asthma and I regularly get check up’s for this so why the minute we add “mental” to our health radar it’s all of a sudden “Morbid”????

I believe the more you understand the importance the more comfortable we are about it’s communication. In a previous post (see here) I have mentioned about seeking a therapist but that’s not the only way to express your mind.

Below are 5 ways that helped me massively with my mental health.

  1. Seeking professional help
    • This is doctor recommended. I have been seeking professional therapy for four years. On/Off, and yes most of it has been very helpful and I have come along way however there are some very testing sessions. Where you do have to face your demons and it can be emotional but then there is also this massive burden that has been taken off your shoulders. Highly recommended.
  2. Speaking to friends or speaking anonymously
    • FREE therapy. Professional help can be expensive and isn’t always affordable. However, speaking to close friends is inexpensive. I use to be such a chicken about this “I don’t want my friends thinking I have so many issues” but once I got over my fear it opened new doors and It bought some friendships closer. Your friends will always listen they may not be able to always advise but trust me it helps!
  3. Exercising
    • Meditation is not for me – I applaud people that have the patience and can just shut off but certainly that is not me! Nonetheless I love exercising. Cardio is my happy place. Exercising just takes me to a different place, takes my mind of everything and I get in the moment. Moment of pushing myself whilst listening to music. Also exercising releases the endorphins so all around positive.
  4. Chilling out
    • This is also very important – everyone needs to chill. Personally I love having a lazy day. This involves binge watching as many serial killer documentaries as I can, snacking, staying in bed and take-away food. Some people might disagree with this but it is always recommended to take a break. Shut off from people, social media. Turn-off your phone and just enjoy your own company. Read a book, listen to a podcast anything to recoup with ourselves.
  5. Take up a hobby
    • This can be whatever takes your mind off what’s going through your head. I like writing, hence this blog. I like styling which i hope to incorporate on this blog. This takes my mind of a lot of things and instead sometimes I just write what’s in my head. Anything you enjoy though can be a hobby, a book club or even a walking group these things drive your mind to be involved.

I hope you enjoy this post I utilise the above methods when needed and these are just some of the things I enjoy and have helped me in my mental health journey.

Let me know what works or you.

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