My thrift finds

Lets be real we all love shopping! Whether it’s for clothes, shoes, beauty, travel etc…. It’s one of life’s joys and it’s doctor recommended.

I like splurging myself but I also like saving money. Listed are a few ways I use to save money while shopping.

Utilising Cash back sites

This is something that has risen over the past few years. There are a number of great cashback sites that give you the opportunity to save a certain percentage. I use Quidco and Topcashback and both sites have a vase majority of retailers that work in conjunction with them. This is a great way of saving and over time you see your savings pile up.

Subscribe to Mailing lists and loyalty programmes

Majority of online retailers encourage customers to sign up the first they use their site for purchase and in return they offer you a one-time discount and once you’ve signed up to the mailing list you will see mostly around special events they will send through discount codes to be used within a time period. You will also receive Birthday discount around this time I get at least 10 different discount codes from retailers. (GREAT BONUS). You will also be able to know when these retailers are having a sale as this is always communicated through a mailing list.

Loyalty programme is another scheme I enjoy – (hands up if you were gutted when ASOS stopped offering this?). H&M have a fantastic loyalty programme which is for every £1 you earn 1 point and for 100 points you get £3 and there’s no limit to how many discount you can use on one purchase. Overtime without realising you obtain these points and also you get a special 25% off around your birthday period. This can be used both online or in-store. (Personally I love H&M and to be able to save on every shop it helps my bank balance).

Shop from Sales

This is a no brainer really! SALES are our friends. We no longer life in a time where sale’s are seasonal.. Most retailers will offer discount be it 10% off new or 40% off last season just keep your eyes peeled. Brands like Shein and Nasty Gal offer discount all year round and the clothes are really good quality.


This is my favourite…. I love thrifting. There are so many charity shops around and the things you find here from clothes to random furniture and books is mind-blowing. Things I’ve bought are in good condition and from high street brands for £2.00 an item. Also by doing this you are giving money to Charity. It’s a WIN WIN situation. DEPOP and Eblogger are two great online retailers where you can purchase second hand.

Shop Around

As much as I love all high street brands sometimes you find that a lot of these retailers are stocking similar items. Shop around more as you are likely to find that TopShop blouse in Primark. TkMaxx is another favourite you never know what goodies you will come out with.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor just someone that enjoys shopping and have learned overtime these tips and tricks! Let me know if this helps you to save money while shopping.