“It’s getting hard again to cope with emotions, I can feel myself spiralling down a black hole” was the last thing I said to my therapist about 2 months ago.

I find it hard on a good day to describe how I feel. Some days I want to scream and shout for no reason and other day’s I’m indescribably happy. Understanding my emotions has been a very interesting journey and I can hardheartedly say I have made some progress. Although there are some days where it’s a struggle to get out of bed but I guess, that’s normal? 

Progress is progress though – so I won’t put myself down! Starting therapy felt like a failure, I was offended when my Doc recommended a therapist. I down right refused! Nothing makes me uncomfortable then talking about feelings, emotions etc… but I went for my first session regardless and it was something else completely!

Still in denial but like a good sport I went along. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined. The therapist was nice and I spoke twice cause I was still in denial. 2 weeks later I willingly went back every back for 8 weeks, and you know what?. It helped! It’s hard to describe that feeling but to date I’m grateful that I went and completed my session.

Well one of many, since 2015 I have intermittently been in therapy and it’s not something I’m ashamed off….. I get it’s okay to seek help any help. My therapy has moved to online session not as regular before but it helps to seek professional help.

Any kind of therapy is amazing whether that’s speaking to a professional, your friends / family. I’m also a supported of others forms such as retail and food therapy. But talking is the best whether it’s straight away or you take your time…. it’s highly recommended.