26 things I have learned

Why god why? (Extra points if you said it in Joey’s voice?) I’m 26 another year older and wiser. How on earth did I make it to 26? Yes I ask myself that question everyday. Nonetheless, happy I have and I wanted to share 26 things I have learned to commemorate getting a little wiser.

  1. Smiling is fun
  2. My nose is perfect the way it is
  3. Hard work pays off
  4. Making money is awesome
  5. Friends can be family
  6. Blood relations are not everything
  7. Love is real
  8. Heartbreak is real
  9. Materials don’t stand for anything
  10. Sex is bloody amazing
  11. Being different is a blessing
  12. Tattoos are awesome
  13. You can have too many shoes
  14. Online dating is horrible
  15. Getting drunk is healthy
  16. Dress classy not slutty
  17. Eating your greens is delicious
  18. Cooking is GOD
  19. Exercising is for the cool kids
  20. Exploring the world is a goal
  21. Showing you care for people feels great
  22. White wine is delicious
  23. Saving money pays off
  24. Dogs are my best friends
  25. Owning your mistakes is growing
  26. Age is JUST a number and I’m ready to see what this year brings!!!