Since when has fashion ever had an age? The statement “dressing for your age” gets thrown around a lot. This can be very frustrating when people / stranger “advise” a person on how they should dress age appropriate! What are the rules? Is there a manual on dressing that I’ve never read?

For me, dressing is very much my mood. I wear what I want when I want.

Some people can however fall under the scrutiny of this statement – they feel pressured to dress how the society would like to see them! My argument is who are we to judge someone’s fashion style? If a mother of three is comfortable wearing a dress, why is that wrong? I agree that fashion should be classy and how we style clothing depends on us and yes sometimes people do need a new wardrobe, however some people are comfortable with what they have and don’t buy an outfit from every seasonal fashion release.

This also comes from people in question, I know of people that don’t know what to buy anymore because they’re now in a certain age group… what does this even mean?

In this day and age where discrimination is at it’s highest from your skin colour to hair colour, fashion stands by our side. My wardrobe is me and no-one can or should tell me how to wear it!

Fashion is described as timeless so where did the “age appropriate dressing” sense come from?