I am who I Am


I have numerous times and I have never answered that question. Maybe because there is no correct answer! Who I am is a human, female, feminist, kind, generous, annoying etc…… the list goes on but is that the answer?

I am also sneezy, sad, happy, fearful and grumpy – is that the answer? Or am I just confused? (three of these emotions were dwarfs!)

The thing is I am all off above and not at the same time. I am a person that makes a lot of mistakes, I mess up, I say things without thinking, I laugh at things I shouldn’t, I disagree a lot and I can be a slob but that’s WHO I AM!

We are all individuals each created to be unique!. No one is perfect we all make BIG mistakes but that’s how we learn. I have become the person I am today because of this, I made bad decisions but I also made good decisions and ultimately that made me into WHO I AM. You know what?! I’m loving this person, she’s strong, smart, beautiful, kind hearted, weird, emotional but she is ME.

I don’t think I would change that for the world! I have come along way to the accept myself for me. Someone who would blame herself for everything, you know, couldn’t make friends in school MY Fault! couldn’t keep someone happy MY Fault! Can’t find a nice date, MY fault! You get what I mean. It’s so easy to get lost in guilt over everything and be harsh on yourself. The hardest part is learning from these experiences and the past. Now every time I make a mistake I educate myself. I reflect on the fault and figure where I went wrong and take 2.


Don’t be so harsh on yourselves we are all HUMAN!