Why is it so difficult to be an “Extrovert, Introvert”. In this time and age people are very quick to come to a conclusion about our personalities. Without knowing anything about you!

I have met people over the years that will come and say to my face that “oh, I think you’re so boring” because I chose to not have a drink. Safe to say I no longer associate with people like this!

Advice to all who has someone like this in their lives “PLEASE WALK OUT”!

The frustration is that I wish people would change their perspective and not be quick to come to a conclusion about other people’s life choices.

BIGGER Frustration is that WHY DO WE CARE?

I work with / know people that do and that’s the frustration. It’s sad and annoying to see people around me that live based on people’s opinions, positive or negative.

You can be who you want to be. If you want to sit in your room watch Netflix all day read, get really drunk and Dance DO IT! I always say life is too short be who you want to be girl! Personally I’m a little bit of both very sociable, but also some day’s I can be very quiet. The thing is there is nothing wrong with either personality. Be an Extrovert, Introvert just love who you are!

It’s difficult to see people struggling, HOW DO WE OVERCOME THIS IN THE END?