When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons, what do you do?

I’m contemplating life a little bit! I’ve just been thinking about all the lemons I’ve been presented with in my little life time! You know like the rotten ones? I’m currently going through things and it’s been difficult very difficult! I have been inconsolable, anxiety-ridden and sad. I’m sad for what could’ve been, I’m sad of the deception and I’m sad for me!

I’m sad that people that have caused me hurt are able to live life at peace. When do I get the break?

I am headstrong and for me to break down feels like a weakness almost like an out of body experience. Anyone else relate to this feeling? My usual M.O is to put everything under my pillow and never look under.

This time round, I have found comfort in the people around me – is this growth or weakness? I have failed to eat anything due to being anxious, lost love for everything and have just felt lost. My friends, however have been guiding me through this time and I have never been grateful. I have always lacked that upper hand / guidance in life and I’m actually thrilled not to be going through another life test on my own.

I guess times are hard anyways “due to the pandemic” (biggest lemon of 2020).

Guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s ok, to crash and reboot. This is the process that I’m currently utilising and I know me and I know I will come through stronger at the end of this tunnel.

How do you cope, when life gives you lemons?